Katy Perry Responds to ‘Catfish’ Victim: ‘My Heart Goes Out to Him’

In an upcoming episode the victim, Spencer, tells Nev and Max that he has been dating Katy Perry for six years. He obviously lives under a stone — Katy was married to Russell Brand between and , went on to date John Mayer and Diplo and is now in a relationship with Orlando Bloom. They’ve never met — hence why he’s asked Nev and Max to get involved — but he says they have spoke on the phone before. And the proof that it really is Katy — but not really — is the person pretending to be her send him unreleased songs. These songs, though, were actually links to public youtube videos that were shared on random accounts. But he says they have a something real, and tells the hosts: “It was an immediate connection. A million ‘I love yous’ back and forth.

For 6 years this American thought he was dating Katy Perry

We were kind of surprised to learn that MTV’s show Catfish was still on the air. This show was big news a bunch of years ago when it first came out. The concept of the show was this: People who were in online relationships would contact the show if they believed that they were being “catfished,” that is, being lied to by the other person in the relationship. Most of the stories would have many similarities. They met online.

Posted: Aug 18,

Katy Perry is hoping one disappointed fan who wasn’t very “wide awake” will rise above his heartbreak. The pop star sent her sympathies to a man who strongly believed he was dating the singer via an online relationship for a whopping six years. In a recent episode of “Catfish,” a young man named Spencer Morrill is convinced he and Perry found love via their communications behind a screen. In the shocking episode, the show’s hosts — Nev Schulman and Max Joseph — broke the upsetting news to Morrill.

It turned out his emails and text messages were actually with a woman named Heather who lives in England. The year-old also didn’t fault the love-struck Tennessee man, who went as far as to spend a quarter of his savings on an engagement ring for Perry. Unfortunately for Morrill, Perry is still going strong with actor Orlando Bloom. The Perry imposter also apologized to Morril, explaining she just “couldn’t imagine” not talking to him.

I can’t change what I did, but I understand that it was really wrong,” she told him. Skip to content. He may not have been dating the “Fireworks” singer, but she now knows who he is. Katy Perry has sent her sympathies to a man who thought he had an online relationship with the singer. Related Gallery. A recent episode of “Catfish” introduced viewers to Spencer Morrill, who believed he was dating Katy Perry.

Katy Perry Responds To ‘Catfish’ Man Who Thought He Was Dating Her For Six Year.

More about: Katy Perry. The real use of the TV show, Catfish, isn’t to make us all feel happy when someone hasn’t been “catfished”. It’s the entertainment we recieve in the TV show’s participants crashing and burning. A new trailer of an episode from the show’s latest series has been released that shows a man named Spencer, dead set on the idea that he has been speaking to Katy Perry for a couple of years.

Obviously, they have only spoken on the phone once, and never Skyped. Though the trailer doesn’t outright say, “This guy thinks he’s talking to Katy Perry”.

The s will go down as the decade when digital dating went mainstream Just ask Nev Schulman, executive producer and co-host of MTV’s “Catfish. Yes, you read that correctly: Spencer is Katy Perry’s secret lover.

While everyone continues to be hypnotized by the tv show Catfish and the countless romantics just looking for digital love but seriously, how does this keep happening? In an interview with SiriusXM’s The Morning Mashup , Perry empathized with the catfish-ee who believed the two were in a long-term relationship. The victim, Spencer Morrill, went as far as having a custom engagement ring made for her with his grandmother’s emerald and a diamond band.

Morrill believed he was dating the pop star for six years, but the relationship waned following his plans to pop the question. With the help of show host Nev Shulman, Morrill discovered he’d actually been communicating with a Katy Perry super-fan from England. Perry also said she was unable to get through any coverage of the episode because she found the ordeal to be “really unfortunate and very sad. Follow Marie Claire on F acebook for the latest celeb news, beauty tips, fascinating reads, livestream video, and more.

Katy Perry ‘Very Sad’ to Learn of ‘Catfish’ Victim Who Thought He Was Dating Her for 6 Years

It was pretty cool. After collecting the information, the presenters said that the woman, who claimed to be Katy Perry touring in Canada, was actually a Canadian woman named Harriet who was living in England all along. As weird and crazy as he might be, he has a heart and was giving it to you percent for six years of his life. You must log in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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The woman who “catfished” Knoxville man Spencer Morrill for six years by pretending to be pop singer Katy Perry boasted about doing so on Twitter after the “Catfish” episode that featured them aired Wednesday night. For six years, she pretended to be the pop singer in her online communications with the Knoxville man, feigning romantic interest in him and fooling him into believing he was in a relationship with Perry.

While Harriet boasted about catfishing Morrill in several tweets and replies, many of her fans expressed support for her actions. Some of them tweeted responses like “you’re such a legend” and called her “the queen of catfishing. However, other Twitter users attacked Harriet for her actions, saying such comments as, “you’re terrible, and you’re not even sorry.

Thursday afternoon, Nev Schulman, co-host of “Catfish,” said he saw Harriet’s tweets and was surprised that she wasn’t showing any remorse, regret or humanity toward the situation. But then to see her on Twitter last night, just sort of bragging about it, it’s disappointing – and it’s gross, to be honest – and I think it speaks to a much bigger problem, which is that people are more concerned with Twitter followers and retweets than they are with their reputation and contribution to society,” said Schulman in a phone interview.

I know I did, and maybe she’s still young and doesn’t get it, and it felt like it would’ve been a great opportunity for her to mature somewhat, but apparently it wasn’t her time yet, so hopefully she will grow up, and she’ll look back in a few years, and she’ll realize how insensitive and immature and uncool she acted.

But if not, OK, whatever. Morrill said he felt confused when he saw Harriet’s tweets on Thursday. Although during the “Catfish” episode he was still slightly dubious that Harriet had catfished him, he said he now completely realizes that he was talking to Harriet and not Perry during the online relationship. Despite Harriet’s actions, Morrill said that being on “Catfish” was “fun, surreal and stressful.

Schulman said he still can’t wrap his head around why Morrill believed he was in a six-year online relationship with Perry.

This Poor Guy On The MTV Show ‘Catfish’ Thinks He’s Dating Katy Perry

In one of the most bizarre episodes of Catfish ever, one man truly believes he’s in an online relationship with Katy Perry. A million ‘I love yous’ back and forth. Katy’s funnier than I am, she’s smarter than I am.

He might not be dating Katy Perry, but at least now she knows his name. That’s right, the year-old pop star is aware of the man who believed.

Unfortunately for Spence-dogg, Perry is very publicly in a relationship with Orlando Bloom. And based on some of the photos the Internet has gone crazy over lately, who can compete with that? Support Independent journalism. It turns out that Hollywood When executives look at their phones during your pitch Black Eyed Peas Before this show, young ‘uns were celebrating the end of the halftime show being owned by the “retirement home.

The Peas were absolutely abominable, with stiff choreography and mailed-in vocals that made The Who seem 40 years younger. The absolute worst moment came when Slash arrived to save the day, only for Fergie to commit a cardinal sin against rock by mangling “Sweet Child O’ Mine. Indiana Jones If you thought Katy Perry’s shark was weird, get a load of this. Disney used this halftime show to promote its new Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, and it featured Indy not played by Harrison Ford trying to steal a plastic Vince Lombardi trophy from a temple.

The Who Let’s make something clear: The Who are absolute legends.

‘Catfish’ Goes International With A Celeb Twist

Katy Perry has expressed her sympathy after it was revealed on Catfish last week that a man believed he had been dating the superstar six years. Spencer Morrill explained to presenters Nev Schulman and Max Joseph that he was sure that for half a decade he’d been having text and email exchanges with Katy. In the end, he went so far as to spend a quarter of his savings on an engagement ring to give to her.

MTV’s Catfish is known for featuring truly unbelievable tales of online six years of his life thinking he was dating the one and only Katy Perry.

That episode was wild. The two of them remained friendly and Ja’mari got his bus driver’s license, so I guess it was a happy ending? Nev and Max were rightfully upset when they found out they’d been duped, but it turned out to be a happy ending so they couldn’t stay mad for long! Who do you even get mad at in that situation? A red rose was thrown and it was the closest Nev and Max have come to being involved in an actual fist fight. Super weird and creepy. The catfish worked as a middleman and convinced them that they were each talking to the other person.

They eventually met up and hooked up even though they had never actually spoken to each other. The catfish then extorted Anderson for money while pretending to be Paris!

‘Catfish’ Man Believes He’s Dating Katy Perry, Despite Relentless Proof He’s Not

An American man was coaxed into believing that he was in a relationship with singer Katy Perry for six years. Spencer Morrill, who appeared on Catfish: The TV Show revealed that he was convinced he and the Roar hit-maker were a couple even as they never met face-to-face. The painful prank was uncovered in episode 15 of the MTV show when Morrill told presenters Nev Schulman and Max Joseph that he had been exchanging emails and text messages with the year-old singer, on a regular basis.

A million ‘I love yous’ back and forth.

We doubt you’ve ever seen a Catfish episode quite like this one. his mouth with​, it’s pretty obvious Spencer thinks he’s dating Katy Perry.

However, trustworthy it is not. If we actually need further proof of this, we only need to turn to the show Catfish. Spencer is a dude from Tennessee who had been in a relationship for six years and was in love. He was, in fact, so madly in love that he spent a quarter of his life savings, took an emerald stone that belonged to his grandmother and had a ring made for the love of his life. The kicker is, however, that Spencer was in love with Katy Perry.

Katy Perry though, was very much not in love with Spencer.

Man is Convinced He’s Dating Katy Perry in Bizarre ‘Catfish’ Clip

One week after MTV aired one of the most bizarre episodes of Catfish ever, Katy Perry has confirmed that yes, she’s heard about the guy who appeared on the show because he thought he had been dating Katy IRL for six years. She then pointed out that maybe things would’ve worked out differently for Spencer from Tennessee if he had lived elsewhere.

The confrontation was uncomfortable AF to watch, especially with Harriet saying something to the tune of “I guess I’m sorry. Here’s hoping Spencer finds a nice home for that ring he custom-made see below soon. Follow Peggy on Twitter.

While the world laughed at a Catfish victim who thought he was dating Katy Perry​, she took pity on the poor guy.

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Man thinks he’s been dating Katy Perry for SIX years in Catfish shocker “Catfish” host Nev Schulman and fiancee Laura Perlongo had all eyes on them at

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