Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara Split Up

If there’s one thing Entourage will be remembered for, it might be Turtle. It could’ve been the first live-action Aquaman movie, but the upcoming Jason Momoa movie will surely steal Vincent Chase’s thunder. Jerry Ferrara had the shortest resume of the cast when Entourage started, but he made Turtle a household name. By the time Entourage ended, Turtle had gone from hanging onto Vincent Chase Adrian Grenier to bringing Avion tequila to the States and becoming a millionaire. So the Entourage movie picks up with that Turtle. His subplot involves a love story with Ronda Rousey playing herself , which gets confusing about whether they are dating or doing business together.

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Dubbed “The First Lady of the Octagon,” there’s no doubt that UFC champ Ronda Rousey is a bad-ass force to be reckoned with – and while she’s a tough cookie that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a sweet side that needs some TLC. The incredibly skilled mixed martial artist and UFC Women’s Bantamweight champ plays herself in “Entourage” and gets a chance to show off her feminine and vulnerable side with Turtle played by Jerry Ferrara.

The half-Venezuelan MMA fighter also gets to show off what she’s made of, which includes her killer arm bar, but Hollywood-style. Rousey has a stellar track record of finishing all of her opponents with this fierce move in the first round a move that she “gently” pulled on Turtle in “Entourage. It’s very different who I am outside in the world as opposed to in the gym,” Rousey told Latin Post in an exclusive interview in Los Angeles.

In “Entourage,” Rousey and Turtle have a somewhat volatile reunion following a misunderstanding, and an even more explosive meeting when she invites him to her place.

I smell a second date! In other lovelorn lives, Vince tries to cheer up Turtle, who doesn’t know what to be more upset about — losing the girl or.

The real Ari shares similar personality traits with Jeremy Piven’s character. Ari Emanuel demonstrated these traits at the initial pitch meeting for the TV show. I went into the initial pitch meeting and met [Mark Wahlberg’s agent] Ari Emanuel, who said, ‘All right, it’s Mark and his life. This guy is going to write it, and if it sucks, we’ll fire him and someone else will rewrite it,"” recalls Entourage creator Doug Ellin.

So I said, ‘This guy is a character. He has to be in the show. Ari Gold’s quote, “let’s hug it out, bitch,” has become one of the most famous lines in television history, ranking number six on TV Guide ‘s ” Greatest TV Quotes and Catchphrases” list. However, the line was never part of the script and it has no link to Mark Wahlberg or his real entourage. Actor Jeremy Piven, who plays Ari Gold, improvised the line on a whim during the shooting of the show’s second episode.

Aware that fellow actor Kevin Connolly doesn’t like to be touched, Piven added the line in order for Ari and Connolly’s character, Eric “E” Murphy, to be forced to hug. While some Entourage character names are similar to the names of the real-life counterparts who inspired them e. However, according to Entourage creator Doug Ellin, Vincent Chase is named after Vince Vaughn, the actor who Ellin had envisioned as the star when he was writing the script.

Aquaman is a watery nod to Mark Wahlberg’s experience with his first major blockbuster, ‘s The Perfect Storm , directed by Wolfgang Petersen. The real Turtle, Donnie Carroll, was actually known as “Donkey.

Recap: Entourage, Season 8, Episode 3

Charlotte ayanna and eric found out this dude sling. Rated 3. Abc reporter accuses jamie-lynn sigler and an even back to say more than fiction as vincent chase has learned. Hollywood in business with vinnie, who played turtle, drama chase.

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Top definition. His boys Turtle and E and brother Johnny Drama are is entourage. Jeremy Piven stars as Ari Gold , Vince’s money hungry and comedic agent. The show is all about what these guys do all day.. Smoke weed, hang out with hot chicks, go shopping, play golf and all that other cool shit. Aug 26 Word of the Day. That Shit Is Fucked.

Guy 1 : Gawd Damn this is some good ass ice cream. Guy 2 : Let me get a lick of that shit dawg. Puff Daddy always has an entourage following him. The greatest show on television.

The 25 Best Episodes Of “Entourage”

Watch the trailer. Title: First Class Jerk 26 Oct Turtle meets Jamie-Lynn Sigler on a plane.

Air date: Jul 25, ‘Tequila Sunrise.’ (Season Seven) Turtle considers a pitch; Drama meets his competitive match; Eric and Scott vie for Vince’s attention.

Ronda Rousey is stealing the hearts of both women and men across the world with every punch, kick and knee she throws. Men may have their chance to understand Rousey’s type of guy thanks to a recent Esquire interview with the undefeated UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. First, it is important to preface with the year-old’s comments to Access Hollywood back in May while publicizing Entourage:.

I want to be a girl when I come home. I want to be taken care of when I get home. This week, Rousey gave more specific instructions for men interested in her and similar women in stature. The bombshell gave tips to men interested in approaching tough women in the Esquire interview:. Along with being a successful athlete, beautiful person and model and natural actor, Rousey is also intelligent.

She does not fall for the same tricks men give her and she does not suggest men give tough women the same generic lines. It takes some skill to be unique. Some guys are like, ‘Oh, I think I could take you!

Does anyone even care about ‘Entourage’ anymore?

Raising money for CityofHope. Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Lala Kent ushered in a brand new era of Vanderpump Rules during the Monday night season 7 premiere. At this moment in time, she is engaged to Emmett. Now that Kent’s relationship is out in the open, we can finally get to the bottom of who Emmett actually is.

character of Vince as driver Salvatore “Turtle” Assante on Entourage, but The pair, who have been dating for three years, walked down the.

To improve your visit to our site, take a minute and upgrade your browser. Those words—the first in the film—are spoken by the bit actor Johnny Drama Kevin Dillon as he perches alongside his friends Eric Kevin Connolly and Turtle Jerry Ferrara aboard a boat in the territorial waters off Ibiza, Spain. They are speeding toward a luxury yacht on which the movie star Vincent Chase Adrian Grenier is partying with scores of bikini-clad girls. The kind of bacchanalian spring breakish scene with which Entourage , the movie, opens was endemic to Entourage , the series, when it began airing in the impetuous pre-recession days of Yes, there were a couple of wars, but they were far away.

Life was good. Entourage reassured viewers that they, too, could be part of this dolce vita bubble. Alas, as I was at the time. Everyone, it seemed, could be invited to the party. As the years passed, however, Entourage became harder to stomach, and its inclusiveness less convincing. This was partly the fault of context. This is a lesson that some of the most successful recent navigators of popular culture, too, have grasped.

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Finally some love for our boy Turtle! The year-old actress met Ferrara on the set while she filmed her three-episode arc earlier this year. In last night’s episode, the former Meadow Soprano is seated next to Turtle on a flight from Hawaii and somehow he talks her into sorta joing the mile-high club.

This Sunday night, HBO’s Entourage, one of the best bro shows of all time from Drama’s insistence that Turtle’s date gives “the best rimjobs in.

There were many classic Nike and Sprite commercials by this point as well, so LeBron and his team were no strangers to the stage. But this was a season finale episode of a mega-hit show and LeBron would make his cameo appearance alongside Matt Damon. There, Cleveland lost to the San Antonio Spurs in four games. He was also a perennial All-Star who would soon be winning rings with the Miami Heat. During the episode of Entourage that LeBron appears in, Turtle is on an emotional roller-coaster.

He is trying to get over his lost love, Jamie-Lynn Sigler. In one of the most dramatic twists in the series, Turtle started dating Meadow from The Sopranos.

Entourage’s Turtle is REALLY Dating Ms. Jamie-Lynn Sigler!

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. This Sunday night, HBO’s Entourage , one of the best bro shows of all time, will air its series finale. With the exception of a hopeful feature film fingers crossed , it’s all over for the boys from Queens. Movie or not, it’s not like we’re being left empty-handed. Entourage has given us eight years’ worth of entertainment, some of them great, others not so great, yet all watchable and suitable for kicking back and living the fast life vicariously through movie star Vincent Chase Adrian Grenier and his hometown homies.

When it comes to the best season, there’s really no question: Season Two was an instant classic.

Salvatore “Turtle” Assante is a fictional character on the comedy-drama television series At the end of Season 3, Turtle is dating Kelly, the daughter of a body shop manager. In Season 4, Turtle invests $20, in his cousin Ronnie’s scheme.

This week’s episode of HBO’s Entourage there are medical, love, and assistant problems. Although Vince Adrian Grenier is the main character he does not have much face time so far this season. Sorry guys it appears that Jamie-Lynn Sigler will be seen a bit less on the show with her new role in New Zealand. Drama thinks that she gave him a STD.

This causes E to the doctor the next day. When the test results come back in negative he realizes that he cannot stand dating. He wants to once again get back together with Sloan. I think they should have named his character Duncan after the Yo Yo. Ari Jeremy Pivin is having trouble with assistants. He goes through 2 in the first 10 minutes of the show. Terrance Malcolm McDowell was guy who dumped Ari before he started his present agency, wants to merge with him. After some investigating he finds out that Terrance is getting a divorce.

Entourage movie ‘not misogynistic’

Remember me. Forgot your password? Log in. Entourage Quotes. Show Metadata Hide Metadata. Entourage Film star Vince Chase navigates the vapid terrain of Los Angeles with a close circle of friends and his trusty agent.

Seems that truth really is stranger than fiction as Jamie-Lynn is reportedly dating “​Entourage” star Jerry Ferrara, AKA Turtle.

The big day has arrived, and “Head On” is opening wide across the country, but Vince doesn’t seem to be too concerned about going to see the film. Instead, he makes plans to spend the big night hanging out with his boys. Following his lead, Eric plays down the opening and sets up a first date with Emily–and as soon as Vince hears, he declares a date night, over Eric’s strident objections. The crew will make a night of it: Eric has Emily, Drama has a muscular new companion of his own; Vince brings pop starlet Justine Chapin and Turtle finds a hot, if potentially psycho, fan of Vince’s by reading through his mail.

Before the festivities begin, Vince goes on Power to promote the film on L. The conversation veers a bit off-course, and Eric’s poor dating history is brought up. His ex-, Kristen, hears about the appearance, and calls him up, hinting that maybe she’s not entirely ready to break things off for good. When evening rolls around, the crew travels in style in a limo rented by Turtle, much to Eric’s horror.

Guff Exclusive: Jerry Ferrara on the Entourage Movie and Ronda Rousey

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The crew will make a night of it: Eric has Emily, Drama has a muscular new companion of his own; Vince brings pop starlet Justine Chapin and Turtle finds a hot.

Salvatore “Turtle” Assante [1] [2] is a fictional character on the comedy-drama television series Entourage. He is played by Jerry Ferrara. He is the only one of the main characters who is not directly involved with the acting business. Turtle is Vincent’s driver and takes care of issues around the house. He brings street smarts and an urban flavor to the group and is a frequent user of marijuana and supplier to the rest of the group. Usually he and Drama stick together and do their own things while E and Vincent are doing business.

Turtle often finds the good in all bad situations and brings a relative calm to the group. Turtle’s importance is at times overlooked, but his insight and personal connections sometimes solve difficult issues. For example, his acquaintance with rapper Kanye West allows the guys to fly to the Cannes Film Festival in Kanye’s private jet after their previous plane was too small to fit everyone.

He also was able to have four seats reserved in the back of a movie theater so the group could see Vince’s new movie Aquaman by offering a copy of the video game adaption of the movie.

Jerry Ferrara — Don’t Blame Me Mark Wahlberg … I’ll Do ‘Entourage’ Movie for Free

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