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Harvey Gabriel Macht and Donna Sarah Rafferty may finally be an official couple, but don’t expect a wedding for them in Suits season 9. USA Network’s long-running legal drama is back on the air this week to begin its ninth and last season. It’s a shorter final run with only 10 episodes, but fans have a lot of to look forward to in terms of character development. Adams is due to reprise his role as Mike Ross in episode 5. The season finale wrapped up with him coming clean about it and the two of them spent the night together. With that as the parting scene for the show’s season 8, Suits season 9 will pick up shortly after they left off. But despite what’s shaping up to be a happy ending for the couple, there will more likely be no wedding bells ringing for the two.

Suits Season 8: Harvey and Donna are in love and secretly dating?

The first episode of Suits aired back in June Since then, we saw nine seasons and over episodes of the legal drama telling about a fictional law firm in New York City. We saw the characters growing professionally and personally and we’ve always been interested in who they are in real life.

Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter in Suits. “I put myself on tape because they were doing auditions in New.

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‘Suits’ Season 9 Premiere: Here’s How The Show Handled The Harvey/Donna Situation

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Suits season 8 finale saw a big twist for Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen (​Image: USA NETWORK). Sign up for FREE now and never miss.

I have previously said my piece about Donna Paulsen — my favorite character on Suits — and how I think she is being treated in season 6. Donna has made a lasting impression on me and the fans over the years. And the more I think about it, the more I have questions about her character and her background story. So I have made another list here in addition to the previous one which I think would tie up with all the burning questions I have about her and her story.

How did this rule come about? Or does this apply only when she started working for Harvey Specter? Image credit: screencapped. Fans of the show know that Donna always has a love for theater and that she previously wanted to become an actress but gave it up. But in season 4, she seemed to be starting her acting career again when she did Shakespeare in an episode. Does her position at the firm leave her wanting more? Image credit: tvshowtime. When Donna found out that Harvey has been augmenting her salary for years without telling her, she got mad at him.

She should have known years ago that Harvey was doing it.

Harvey Proposes to Donna

Is ‘Selling Sunset’ Fake? Chrissy Teigen Questions if Agents are Real. Love ‘Lovecraft Country’? It finally happened, Suits fans. Well, technically speaking they hooked up again , but romantic semantics aside, this was the moment the fanbase had been eagerly anticipating since the show premiered way back in

This book contains quotes from a tv show called suits. it is really good you should go watch it. A lot of these quotes will be from one of the mane carecters Harvey.

No one can deny that the actors, especially together have strong chemistry. Where do we currently stand? So, as we await the final six episodes of season 8, I wanted to take the opportunity to dig a little deeper in to the craziness of Darvey! I have no further insight in terms of the content of 8B. The first key element was the emotional development of Harvey Specter. Not all of that has changed. It opened him up and the more open to that brotherhood he was, the better a person he became.

Look at his attempt to open up in 4. It became clear to viewers, as well as those close to Harvey, that the scars and resentments he had carried through adulthood continued to affect his psyche and the only resolution was one that involved his mother. Healing that rift, or at the very least, letting go of his anger, was essential to the growth of Harvey Specter.

Absolutely yes, but at least when they did, it was written in a way that made sense. Harvey was floundering.

Harvey and Donna Suits

The heated scene, which concluded with Donna leading Harvey into the bedroom, happened at the perfect moment, as far as star Gabriel Macht is concerned. What do you think made this time different enough for Harvey that it led him to this breakthrough? So at this point in his life, he almost lost everything, and he sees the people around him are making this decision to be with the ones they love. This is stupid. I mean, she was almost going to move on.

I bought Suits Season 1 DVD months ago and finally had the time to catch up with my TV Show marathon during my Christmas break. Sounds quit Donna.

The only actual healthy relationship here. Unfortunately, for as prepared as Mike Ross always manages to be for anything involving the law — his task for Harvey took him all of about five seconds — he kind of sucks at planning for the future. While this should have surprised no one, it was still pretty upsetting to Rachel, who had her questionnaire all filled out and ready to go way in advance.

Needless to say, the pair was a little bit confused. Then, Mike gave this whole besotted speech about how he loved fighting with Rachel because they only fought about the important things in life…And it was this weird mixture of sweet and baffling. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this? SUITS is about to lose a relationship that, other than the fourth season misstep of which we shall never speak, has been incredibly well-developed and well-nourished since day one.

Is that the takeaway here? The bad man has a rude awakening. Same, Gretchen. Rachel was uncertain whether or not to allow Louis a plus one for her wedding, so she went to Gretchen to get the dirt. And, um, Gretchen thought he was nuts. It was somewhere around the time that Louis, yet again, claimed that he liked having this secret relationship that even Rachel was thinking her good friend needed a reality check.

Did Rachel tell Louis he was lying to himself?

SUITS Recap: Bye Bye Paula Bye Bye

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Dating · Stil. Gabriel Macht, Suits Harvey, Suits Usa, Dovne Dage, Film, Jeg Hader I don’t know you guys.. But I’m hating Harvey without Donna. by Barbara.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 3. Lazy Sunday Mornings by Carebearmaxi reviews A compilation of ficlets based on Darvey artwork by cassie darveypainted and colored by myself. I will have the picture uploaded as the cover image on each ficlet so the reader can associate picture with words. Plan on a few of these. All types and all genres. Set in season 9. Harvey and Donna feel ready to say they love love rach other but they will have the chance?

I’m french so sorry if there are any mistakes. Good reading! It is a precarious time because he has just come home after he and Donna had been separated for the first time in their marriage. While building the treehouse, he remembers what a tree house meant to he and his brother when they were kids. Will contain a little married smut if you like that sort of thing.

Suits season 8 spoilers: Did Harvey and Donna finally get together?

When big-shot Manhattan corporate lawyer, Harvey Specter risks his career and his freedom by taking the unqualified Mike Ross under his wing, things for the pair are never the same. Keeping their not so little secret was no easy task, especially with Donna Paulsen — who knows all on their trail and dog with a bone, Louis Litt not far behind. For seven seasons this unbeatable duo ruled the courtroom but as they say nothing lasts forever and last year we said our final farewells to Mike Ross and his wife, Rachel Zane.

In reality, the actors and actresses are all the best of friends outside of the courtroom and nothing made us happier than seeing the Suits Cast at the Royal Wedding. With season 8 completed and season 9 due out soon.

Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen have always been in an on-and-off relationship.

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The two characters originally slept together early on when Suits first started but Donna drew a line under it, telling Harvey she wanted him to respect her and work with him. Harvey finally realised his feelings for Donna after Robert Zane Wendell Pierce sacrificed himself for the lawyer and effectively bowed out of the series.

Speaking about the finale which saw Darvey becoming an item, Suits creator Aaron Korsh said the season was originally not going to be wrapping up with the pair. However, during the writing process the story was reworked and a conclusion for the run was finalised. Once the idea hit us, we just thought it was the perfect time.

This is going to be awesome. Korsh has also revealed he managed to misdirect fans in the episode with the suggestion Harvey could embark on a romance with Samantha Wheeler Katherine Heigl before the scene at the end. Suits season nine will be airing later this year and has been confirmed to be the last one for the long-running US legal drama. The writer said Darvey would continue through into season nine with audiences seeing scenes with the couple now an item.

Some have been suggesting the final series could see the return of Patrick J.

Harvey Specter Suits

Also, Patrick J. Adams revealed what is in store for his character Mike. Adams talked to TV Fanatic and shared that Mike is engaged, but they are not going to focus on the engagement in this season which according to the actor is fine. He explained that “Suits” will not work watching the characters in “wedding mode. Mike has a “checkered history” and Zane would not approve.

Suits. Swanky characters, smart lines, sharp dressing, pop culture references, the right amount of 3. Ever wondered why Harvey and Donna have amazing chemistry? 7. Patrick J. adams is dating actress Troian Belissario.

Warning: The following contains spoilers from the season 8 finale of Suits. Read at your own risk! After eight seasons, episodes, and countless tension-filled moments, it finally happened. And by it, we obviously mean Darvey. When Donna opened the door, she saw Harvey standing there and could tell from the look on his face that something had changed. So without a word, she invited him in, and Harvey responded by running down the hall and kissing her.

As the episode ended, the two made their way to her bedroom. Macht and Rafferty met before shooting the scene to discuss what it meant to them, and both decided that they wanted to make sure the shift — that both Harvey and Donna are finally on the same page — was conveyed in the blocking of their kiss and caught on camera.

Suits: The Show’s 13 Best Moments

Swanky characters, smart lines, sharp dressing, pop culture references, the right amount of tension. As a new senior partner, Harvey has to hire a Harvard-educated lawyer as his associate. It still feels like a brand new show to me, but in the US, season four ended this summer. Luckily for the fans, Suits has been renewed for a fifth season!

Her ‘suits’ co-stars have a newly released trailer, donna and harvey specter gabriel macht will appear on it. There’s something about her character, handbags​.

Their equation is palpable and therefore, fans want to see them together. Recently, TV Line threw a question to its readers if the makers should work toning down their chemistry considering the Harvey-Donna story isn’t moving in any direction. The portal asked: “If Suits’ Harvey and Donna want us to believe that they don’t have the hots for each other, maybe they should tone down the flirting about strawberries and whipped cream? The answers were divided. While some strongly believe that it’s the mysterious equation that makes Suits watchable, others are of the opinion that Donna should be given bigger storylines.

It’s not finished in the long [run],” he told TV Line earlier this year. But, he didn’t dim the hopes of the many Darvey fans out there. In a Twitter interaction, Krosh teased the idea that there would be scenes between the two that no one would have thought of. Looks like there’s still hope for a Donna-Harvey paradise.

Suits Season7: Harvey Telling Donna about Paula Agard. Donna’s Reaction!!

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