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I’m just curious as to what some people’s favorite piercings are. My favorite are snake bites, I long to obtain them one day. Achilles tendon through the tendon not behind the bone , gauges in the cerebral cortex, retina hooks. I like to keep it simple I guess for the most part , just a regular lip piercing right down the middle for me is fine, and I have one Christ, people actually do pierce their achilles. Google never let’s me down. Lazarus’s Curse.

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Whereas, the District Board of Health is vested with the jurisdiction over all public health matters in the Health District, and is authorized to adopt regulations necessary to protect and promote the public health in the geographical area subject to its jurisdiction; and. Whereas, the District Board of Health finds that the sanitation of body piercing establishments does affect the public health, and that it is necessary to adopt regulations governing the sanitation of body piercing establishments to prevent and control the spread of Hepatitis, or other communicable disease; and.

Whereas, the District Board of Health believes that the following regulations are well and fairly designed to protect the public health, it does therefore publish, promulgate and order compliance with the substantive and procedural requirements hereinafter set forth within Clark County, Nevada. This person is responsible for compliance with Universal Precautions and these Rules and Regulations.

Approval is given in accordance with these regulations and is separate from any other licensing requirements that may exist within communities or political subdivisions comprising the Southern Nevada Health District. Ear studs are not jewelry for purposes of these regulations. The term includes, but is not limited to:. The method of infection control requires the employer and employee to assume that all human blood and specified human body fluids are infectious for Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV , Hepatitis B Virus HBV , and other bloodborne pathogens.

Precautions include hand washing, gloving, personal protective equipment, injury prevention, proper handling and disposal of needles and other sharp instruments and blood and body fluid contaminated products Appendix A.

Body Piercing Program

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Standard body piercing includes all body piercings with the exception of specialty level one piercings and specialty level two piercings. Standard body piercing services do not include testes, deep shaft corpus cavernosa , uvula, eyelids, or sub-clavicle piercings. Blood borne pathogen courses must be compliant with U. Federal guidelines 29 CFR CPR and First Aid certification courses must be obtained through hands-on training, or blended training that includes a hands-on skills assessment examination for certification.

The written exam consists of multiple-choice questions. The time limit is 90 minutes, and the minimum passing score is 75 percent. The written examination covers male and female genital anatomy and physiology, jewelry and equipment, ethics and legalities, client consultation, and regulations for Specialty Level 1 Genital Body Piercing listed in the Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter For details about the number of questions asked within each subject area and the sources used to reference the exam questions, consult the Standard Body Piercing: Examination Information Bulletin.

The practical exam is used to determine the qualification, fitness and ability of an applicant to practice as a Standard Body Piercer. The practical exam consists of the following topics:. Exam candidates are required to perform two piercings and are responsible for providing their own supplies and model s — one piercing on each of two people or two piercings on one person.

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Prices vary by package. Packages include a cleaning kit, the piercings, and one of six different stud sets. Available to new and established patients over the age of 3 months who have an up-to-date Tetanus vaccination. In order to speed your visit, please bring in the completed forms and records. In our office your child will receive professional care from a medical specialist who has been trained in aseptic technique and wound management.

All eligible patients must be up to date on their tetanus vaccine. Our recommended age ranges are 3 months of age and up, however you may be asked to reschedule at an older age if adequate placement can not be guaranteed due to patient movement. Ear piercings are only done during visits solely dedicated to the medical ear piercing procedure. This allows enough time to explain and perform the procedure, as well as, answer questions about the aftercare.

We only pierce ear lobes and only do one piercing per lobe per visit. We do not pierce ear cartilage the upper part of the ear , noses, or belly buttons.

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Clean skin piercings. If you’ve had your skin pierced, clean the site twice a day with soap and water. Be sure to wash your hands before cleaning your piercing.

A Department of Health and Human Services license is required for any person who practices the art of body piercing, comprising creation of an opening in the body of a human being for the purpose of inserting jewelry or decorations. This includes but is not limited to, piercing of an ear, lip, tongue, nose or eyebrow. Body piercing for the purposes of the rules does not include piercing an ear with a disposable, single-use stud or solid needle that is applied using a mechanical device to force the needle or stud through the ear.

You may download an application or call the Health Inspection Program’s main line at for a hard copy. The application requires you to provide information about the applicants name, home and mailing address, proof of having attended within the last 3 years, a bloodborne pathogen training program approved by the department, and a description of the applicant’s experience in performing body piercing. You must provide a copy of a water test if you use a well as a water supply, and a copy of your septic system’s design if you are not on a public sewer.

Once the district health inspector has given approval for you to operate as a tattooist, within 30 days of receipt of a complete application, if there are no outstanding issues, the Health Inspector will inform the Licensing Clerk to issue your license. This generally is within a week once the Health Inspector informs the Licensing Clerk. Please refer to the fee table located within the application.

If you practice in two or more locations, you must obtain a separate license for each, as the licenses are site specific. All persons first licensed, and those renewing an existing license, must demonstrate that they have attended a bloodborne pathogen training program given or approved by the Department of Health and Human Services, within the preceding 3 years. No person may practice body piercing in any temporary place of business, including but not limited to, agricultural fairs, carnivals, tents, trailers, and mobile body piercing facilities.

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Black Hole Body Piercing is an award-winning, female-owned piercing studio with the best body piercing Reno — and northern Nevada at large — has to offer.

Please let us know how we are doing by completing our customer service survey. Report Website Issues. We require any business that is in the practice of producing an indelible mark or figure on the human body by scarring or inserting pigments under the skin using needles, scalpels, or other related equipment to license with the Department of State Health Services.

This includes studios that perform traditional tattooing, permanent cosmetics, and scarification. Tattoos are applied using a small electric device that operates similar to a sewing machine. One to fourteen needles are grouped together and attached to the end of a rod called a needle bar. The other end of the needle bar is attached to the tattoo machine. The needle bar moves up and down through a tube or barrel, which serves two purposes–to keep the needle bar from moving side to side and as a handle for the tattooist to grip.

The needles stick out only a few millimeters from the end of the tube, so they don’t go very deelyp into the skin. After preparing the skin with a germicidal soap, the artist dips the needles into a small amount of pigment or ink. As the machine is guided over the skin, the needle bar moves up and down allowing the needles to puncture the skin, depositing the ink.

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Your individual build. See more ideas about piercings are you have sex with the oldest known forms of the literature9. Oral and piercing be pretty offputting personally. Here are difficult to ancient india c. She had multiple ear piercings in ancient rome while genital piercing is the definitive guide to early history.

piercings, and one of six different stud sets. Available to new and established patients over the age of 3 months who have an up-to-date Tetanus vaccination.

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Body piercing , which is a form of body modification , is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewelry may be worn, or where an implant could be inserted. The word piercing can refer to the act or practice of body piercing, or to an opening in the body created by this act or practice. It can also, by metonymy , refer to the resulting decoration, or to the decorative jewelry used. Although the history of body piercing is obscured by popular misinformation and by a lack of scholarly reference, ample evidence exists to document that it has been practiced in various forms by both sexes since ancient times throughout the world.

Ear piercing and nose piercing have been particularly widespread and are well represented in historical records and among grave goods. The oldest mummified remains ever discovered were sporting earrings , attesting to the existence of the practice more than 5, years ago. Nose piercing is documented as far back as BC. Piercings of these types have been documented globally, while lip and tongue piercings were historically found in African and American tribal cultures.

Nipple and genital piercing have also been practiced by various cultures, with nipple piercing dating back at least to Ancient Rome while genital piercing is described in Ancient India c. The history of navel piercing is less clear. The practice of body piercing has waxed and waned in Western culture , but it has experienced an increase of popularity since World War II , with sites other than the ears gaining subcultural popularity in the s and spreading to mainstream in the s.

The reasons for piercing or not piercing are varied.

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