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Close Menu. Mark’s a dad now, but that doesn’t slow down the El Dude brothers. Jeremy moves on after Elena by picking up another unattainable obsession- this time one with a boyfriend. Mark juggles his new fatherly responsibilities with his developing relationship with Dobby, and manages to fumble both. This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location. Add to Watchlist. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms.

Black Widow Burlesque Presents: Electric Peepshow

The “Snyder Cut” is here! The director unveiled the first trailer for the long-awaited Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Watch the trailer. Title: Jeremy’s Broke 16 May Mark is fed up with Jeremy and decides to evict him, installing an Australian woman named Saz in his place, hoping she’ll become his new girlfriend so he can rub Sophie’s nose in it at his forthcoming Birthday party.

At speed-dating, Mark meets a high-spirited Australian woman named Saz and, looking to kill two birds with one stone, invites her to move in.

LONDON — The new series of Peep Show is nearly here, and what better way to celebrate the return of one of Britain’s best-loved comedies than by looking back over the many wonderful things Mark Corrigan has said over the last eight series? See also: The trailer for the final series of ‘Peep Show’ has landed and it looks awesome. From mild self-loathing to occasional outbursts of rage, Corrigan is pretty much the gift that keeps on giving.

Here are 23 of his finest moments On orgies: “Sure, an orgy sounds great, but you’re basically just multiplying the number of people you’re not going to be able to look in the eye afterwards. On the ’60s: “Look, Jez, what I’m trying to say is, so, for better or for worse the ’60s happened and now sex is fine. But can’t we take the best of that, the nice music, the colours, the “I have a dream”, etcetera, but not have to face the On being rejected by his new dance group, “Rainbow Rhythms”: “Well, listen, I’m sorry if I didn’t do it right and I’m sorry if you assume that I eat red meat and don’t necessarily think money or Tony Blair are a bad thing, but if there isn’t room here for people who stand against everything you believe in, then what sort of a hippy free-for-all is this?

On getting dressed in the morning: “Socks before or after trousers, but never socks before pants, that’s the rule.


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As Kath prepares to wed fine-meats purveyor Kel, her daughter Kim moves back home after becoming disillusioned with her two-month marriage to Brett. Kath’s ardent dates with her boyfriend are interrupted when newlywed daughter Kim moves back in and puts surveillance on her husband of two months. Kath gets a shock when she tells Kel she thinks Kim is gay. Kim becomes jealous of her husband’s dog. Sharon makes a big splash at a speed dating event.

When Kim learns the Bolton twins spiked her husband’s drink at a pub and seduced him, she agrees to join Sharon’s netball team so she can thrash them. After Kim stops smoking and gains so much weight she can no longer fit into her bridesmaid dress, she and her mother have a major blowup. When Kath gets stood up by Kel, she worries he’s losing interest, so she updates her look.

Kim’s “treat him mean, keep him keen” philosophy backfires. Desperate to raise some fast cash to reserve her pumpkin-style coach for the wedding, Kath hosts a pyramid-scheme lingerie party in her home. For her mother’s upcoming nuptials, Kim organizes a wild hen night. But a bartender’s specialty cocktail has a strange effect on mother and daughter. Kath and Kel’s big day finally arrives, but is complicated by slippery bridal shoes, a groom full of too much Dutch courage and an unpredictable horse.

Kath and Kel adjust to living together as a newly married couple and face getting older head-on.

Jeremy’s Broke

Movies, concerts and now graduations are shown on the original big silver screen at the Parma Motor-Vu Drive-In. Online — Depression and Bipolar Support Group, 3 p. Caldwell — C-Town Karaoke Competition, 6 p. Kimball Ave. Gates open 9 p.

Online — Video Speed Dating — Filter Off, 8 p.m., Band opens for headliner Shon Sanders and The Four Penny Peep Show.

Karaoke lovers: hop between three haunted movie-themed karaoke rooms designed by local artists Obsidian Bellis, Charlie Best, and Brian Milbrand accompanied by karaoke jockeys Incognegro, Holly Johnson, and Rick Vallone. Art lovers: bid on exciting work by local and regional artists in a special silent Art Auction.

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A Bit Pricey, but Fun… especially the Red Light District – Amsterdam Forum

Close Menu. Be the first to review this item In the aftermath of his disastrous wedding, Mark is scrambling to find new love. Jez does some scrambling of his own when his living money runs out and he has to face the fact that maybe his musical dreams just aren’t working out. With tensions rising, will the El Dude brothers be going their separate ways?

Mark Corrigan is all of us. Peep Show Quotes, Tv Show Quotes, British When you’re invited to go speed dating because your “friends” think watching.

Send feedback. Podcast Secrets of the Pharaohs – a Peep Show podcast. Welcome to a podcast all about the UK sitcom Peep Show. Join us as we discuss, review and analyse one of British comedy’s best shows. Email: podcastsecretsofthepharaohs gmail. Available episodes.

Margaret Cabourn-Smith: Speed Dating Coordinator

Jeremy’s Broke is the third episode of Series 5 of Peep Show. Jeremy is out of money, and Mark begins to ration him after Jeremy eats his cumberland sausage which he cooked for himself for his birthday. Mark plans on having a birthday party, so he signs up for speed dating to get a date to his own party. Jeremy decides to get money by donating his sperm, but he can’t find any good porn in the sperm bank. He decides to masturbate to an image of Queen Elizabeth on his money, but the money falls on the ground and he is greeted by the image of Elgar, which ruins his session.

Mark goes speed dating and realizes that nobody checked him.

: Peep Show: David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Olivia Colman, Matt wild Australian woman at speed dating, Jez ends up moving out and resorting to​.

Toward that end, he has planned a party for himself, and has also taken up speed-dating, in the hope that he will meet someone who will be willing to accompany him to his own soiree. At speed-dating, Mark meets a high-spirited Australian woman named Saz and, looking to kill two birds with one stone, invites her to move in, generously allowing Jez to sleep on the couch until he can find another place. He also stocks the kitchen with horrible, healthy food, to punish Jez for eating his bacon and Cherry Garcia.

And not enjoying it myself is a small price to pay. Mark thinks that, if he and the Aussie are confined in a small space for long enough, something just might happen. The shared realization that this is not a sex fantasy come to life is enough to get Mark and Jez to bond again, for a few traumatized minutes. Cringe comedy seldom gets more brutal than the latter half of this episode, starting with the conversation in which Mark sits a hung over, anxious Saz down and gently suggests that she move on, and Saz gingerly suggests that, if she can just stay, she might almost sort of kind of see her way to being… interested in him?

But hey, why go there, considering the odds of anything physical happening between the two of them? Or is it a point of pride with him to be with, or even just try to appear to be with, the statuesque vacuum with the supermodel looks? Is Dobby too accessible?

Expensive Date – Peep Show

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